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To explore the equivalent māori concept of wā as a time and space dynamic i used the takarangi model. Joining our vaka to share our breath or life stories a co collecting initiative with our tongan communities in auckland.

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Joining our vaka to share our breath or life stories we decided to put this activity into practice and create a youth focused co collecting project.

Pikipiki hama. Pikipiki hama kae vavevae manava. Vaevae means to give or share and manava similar to the word manawa in māori is a deeply complex core term in pasifika expression meaning the heart centre womb or breath tui atua tupua tamasese taisi efi 2003. Thus pikipiki hama helped us deepen our relational vā va wā.

Princess ashika has hit a raw nerve on our collective consciousness. A chinese proverb says the birds of worry and care fly over your head this you cannot change but that they build nests in your hair this you can prevent. The loss of life on august 6 th 2009 on the m v.

We feel deeply saddened by the impact it has had on many of our families and friends. This article introduces he vaka moana which has been tested and evaluated at international and local levels. Our fellowship draws on the rich knowledge and imagery of a tongan saying pikipiki hama kae vave manava which refers to lashing canoes together to exchange people and resources when a fleet is out on the ocean battling the swells and weather.

Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava karlo mila the same wish slipped into each disc of my back i hoped you d bring balance like an outrigger we would move double hulled through life you would keep me sure and swift on a surface of glistening water water melting into water melody running into blue blye sinking deep into ocean i dreamed of balance on such a surface. Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava. Ema wolfgramm foliaki and hinekura smith.

165 defines the vā va concept as at once a sacred spiritual temporal relational and social space. Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava a tongan proverb describing the scenario of a troubled vaka at sea calling for help and the immediate response of nearby. Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava pikipiki hama means to stick bind or link strongly to the outrigger of a vaka moana ocean going canoe.

This initiative is focused on building our tongan collection and inspired by the volunteer fieldworkers programme run by the vanuatu cultural centre since the 1970s. In february we launched pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava. For our new 2017 co collecting initiative pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava.

Indigenous values and knowledges. Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava thursday july 14 2016.

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