Lori Maddox David Bowie And Jimmy Page

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Lori mattix says she and david bowie spent the night together in 1973 picture. Mattix claims to have met david bowie in los angeles during his spiders from mars tour.

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Lori mattix another underage girl who claims to have slept with bowie.

Lori maddox david bowie and jimmy page. From the age of 15 lori mattix ranked among the most desired of the so called baby groupies helping to satisfy the sexual appetites of jimmy page david bowie mick jagger and others. Jimmy got her number and arranged to meet her. A word on david bowie lori mattix.

Sable s best friend was lori mattix who lost her virginity to bowie at 14. Lori mattix sometimes known as lori maddox or lori lightning is a former child model and baby groupie of the 1970s. She remained faithful to him from the age of 14 to 16 even if he.

The website thrillist republished an interview with former rock groupie lori mattix sometimes anglicized to maddox or madox. Jimmy page with lori mattix. Getty former groupie lori mattix claims the late david bowie took her virginity in 1973 when she was just 14.

In those days groupies were girls that would follow famous rock stars or bands around the world as they toured. After david bowie she would get a call from jimmy page who was the founder and a guitarist for led zeppelin which had been the biggest rock band in the world so jimmy page was groupie gold. Mattix was a famous baby groupie back in the 70s.

She is perhaps best known for an interview with thrillist in 2015 in which she made allegations of being involved in sexual relationships with david bowie jimmy page and mick jagger. As of november 2015 she is a partner and buyer for the glam boutique in west hollywood. Jimmy page eventually left lori maddox.

Relationship with jimmy page.

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