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Continue from the axillary vein checking in transverse that the basilic and brachial veins of the upper arm are compressible. Courses upwards on the medial aspect of the forearm and arm.

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Imaging protocol for an upper extremity compression ultrasound exam to detect deep venous thrombosis.

Basilic vein anatomy ultrasound. Preferably a linear array t ransducer that allows for appropriate resolution of anatomy frequency range of 9 mhz or greater. The basilic vein is a large superficial vein of the upper limb that helps drain parts of the hand and forearm it originates on the medial side of the dorsal venous network of the hand and travels up the base of the forearm where its course is generally visible through the skin as it travels in the subcutaneous fat and fascia lying superficial to the muscles. The basilic vein along with the cephalic vein is one of the primary superficial veins that drain the upper limb 1 it courses through both the forearm and arm and contributes to the formation of the axillary vein.

Technique and normal anatomy. Methods our study was a combined retrospective and prospec tive observational study. Approval was obtained from the.

This may be best acheived with the patient sitting on the side of the bed with their arm. O if forearm symptoms are present evaluate radial ulnar. 3 10 a high resolution linear ultrasound transducer is used to evaluate the arm vessels generally 9 mhz or higher.

A compression ultrasound examination is performed on the following veins. Upper arm veins brachial basilic the basilic vein is the larger and is more superficial. Ultrasound upper extremity deep venous thrombosis evaluation.

The routine examination includes interrogation of the internal jugular brachiocephalic subclavian axillary brachial and basilic veins of the symptomatic upper extremity. Basilic vein identified in cross section short axis with compression to rule out occult thrombus and mistaken selection of an artery for cannulation. Our study was a combined retrospective and prospective observational study.

1 internal jugular vein 2 subclavian vein 3 axillary vein 4 brachial veins 5 basilic vein and 6 cephalic vein. Transducer rotated 90 degrees for dynamic visualisation of cannulation. Observational study of basilic vein anatomy using duplex ultrasound of the upper arm.

Ulnar aspect of the superficial venous network of the dorsum of the hand. Usually single but may be duplicated. Three types of anatomies the signi´Čücance of each type on creation of bbavf and sub sequent graft placement is discussed.

To map the variations in anatomy we performed an observational study of basilic vein anatomy using duplex ultrasound of the upper arm. The venous anatomy of the neck thoracic inlet and arm is illustrated in figure 1. The protocol for vascular mapping before hemodialysis access placement has been previously described.

Evaluate brachial paired cephalic and basilic veins to the antecubital fossa. Three types of anatomies the significance of each type on creation of bbavf and subsequent graft placement is discussed. Gray scale transverse plane imaging is used to identify vessels artery and vein and evaluate their diameter and wall thickness.

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