Basil Plant Leaves Curling Down

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Curling leaves on basil could be a couple of different problems. 1 week later the curling is slightly worse.

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I ve heard that this is evidence of over concentrated nutrients.

Basil plant leaves curling down. Basil is one of the most popular herbs to grow but that doesn t mean there are no basil plant problems. However by keeping your basil inside the cause of small leaves may be due to a lack of sunlight which plants need to produce leaves and eventually flowers and seeds basil is a mediterranean plant and grows best with hot temperature plenty of sun and adequate watering. Basil whether growing indoors or out requires at least six hours of full sun to.

Often it s because the plants have a sucking insect at work on the underside of the leaves these insects pierce the leaf cells and this causes the leaves to curl as they grow. Generally growing basil in the garden is easy and stress free. Even though the other vegetables in the bucket 1 broccoli 1 lettuce are not exhibiting the same leaf curling i cut the fertilizer down by 50.

Over fertilizing the most common cause of leaf cupping aka leaf margin rolling leaf margin burn and leaf tip curl burn is the overzealous use of too much plant food in relationship to factors such as plant vigor and rate of growth. There are a few basil diseases that can cause basil leaves to turn brown or yellow have spots or even wilt and fall off. Also i pinched the flower buds off just after taking this photo.

Read on to learn more about this frustrating problem. Why do basil leaves curl under. Give the plant a good shake and see if any fly out.

The reason for basil leaves curling up may be environmental or your plant may be diseased or pestered by pests. If they do just get yellow sticky cards at the garden center. Keep reading to learn more about the diseases that can cause problems with growing basil.

As the roots rot away nutrient and water intake suffer causing leaves to yellow wilt and fall off the basil plant. View entire discussion 3 comments. Too much water too little water and lack of sun will turn the basil leaf tips brown and cause them to curl.

I have some basil growing in a dutch bucket also called a drip system i think and the leaves are curling down. Why are my basil leaves curling up instead of down. Reasons for basil leaves curling up.

Root rot typically occurs when the soil is wet for an extended period of time. The ultimate and correct solution is in the hands of the grower.

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