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Obaapa kitchen 49 319 views. Pour amount of gari needed into cup or bowl 2.

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Pour fine gari into a bowl and add water till submerged.

Gari soakings recipe. Fill the cup with water to make mixture lighter. Add the 3 spoons of milk to form paste and mix well trust us this is what makes the difference. Milo is the best cocoa product to add to your gari soakings.

Everything would just be perfect the rest of the day. Scrape the ends with a fingernail to taste it. Add or remove water to match the type of consistency you like.

How to make ghana homemade gari in abroad yuca or cassava recipe obaapa kitchen style duration. Add milk or water to make it light 5. Add your groundnut and enjoy.

Pour water onto the gari and pour out the water with the roots or chaf leaving the gari behind 3. Peel it with a spoon or vegetable peeler before slicing. Repeat step as many times as you wish to obtain clean garri.

Gari on the rocks is just gari mixed with ice cubes. Add peanut as required enjoy. Add the sugar to pasty mixture and mix again.

Fill a cup halfway with gari. Ingredients and method for preparing gari soakingsingredients garisugarwaterfresh milkevaporated milkroasted peanutmethod. Pour amount of gari needed into.

Add peanut as required. Add milk or water to make it light. You can use fresh milk in place of water to soak your gari and you may also add a handful of nuts or dried fruits to your soakings.

Add sugar to taste. Anybody that spent part of their eduactional lives in a boarding school will agree with me. Add sugar to taste 4.

Ice makes everything better. 30g milk evaporated powdered or fresh milk types. Pour amount of gari needed into cup or bowl.

1 or 2 inches stir a bit allow to settle and then sieve out the floating grains and dirt. Pour water onto the gari and pour out the water with the roots or chaf leaving the gari behind. Pick knobs that are juicy and mild tasting.

Eating gari soakings with cocoa powder is very common in ghana. To reduce harshness soak the ginger several times in just boiled water for 1 to 2 minutes changing the water in between soakings. Gari potowye soaking gari potowye gari soaking.

Just mind your teeth and take your time or else you ll end up with a brain freeze. Cool it down on a hot day with a bowl of ice chilled gari soakings.

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