Basil Plant Care Outdoor Winter

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Water the plant only when the top 1 2 inch of soil feels dry. You can put basil in bouquets tisanes soups and almost any fish dish.

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The hardest thing to do with a basil plant is to control how big it gets.

Basil plant care outdoor winter. You can try to keep basil through the winter. Work into the soil. Mulch your basil plants to retain moisture after the soil has warmed.

Basil thrives in zones 4 10. How to plant basil zones. Basil plants come in a large number of varieties from sweet basil to thai basil to lemon basil and genovese to name a few but taking care of a basil plant remains one of the simplest tasks in gardening.

After the seedlings have produced their first six leaves prune to above the second set. How to grow basil. But just keep cutting it and using it.

However basil is an annual plant so it will grow flower produce seeds and die within a year regardless of your level of care. If in doubt plant in a greenhouse tunnel house or inside. The reason to grow buckets of basil is classic pesto which freezes well in small jars or ice cube trays.

Make sure that the soil is moist. Basil plants like moisture. Basil is not the easiest of plants to grow.

Generally the end of summer or first part of fall heralds the end of season basil harvest but is there a way to extend basil s life at the end of the season. If you live in a hot area use mulch around the plants the mulch will help hold in moisture and suppress weeds. When to plant basil.

Plant outdoors in early spring as long as temperatures don t drop below 50 f. Attending to the plant s basic needs inspecting the leaves for pests and regularly harvesting the leaves are just a few ways to properly care for your basil plant. Pinch plants frequently to encourage bushy growth and pick off flower heads regularly so plants put their energy into foliage.

However sweet basil is meant to live its life cycle within one year and thereafter go to seed. It also dries and freezes well so you can have the herb to use all winter long. For indoor potted plants water them until the soil is wet to a depth of about 1 inches.

When growing basil indoors for transplant start them 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date. To grow basil plants outside prepare a bed with organic matter such as composted manure pine bark or compost to create the rich well drained environment that basil loves. Set the potted basil in an indoor location that receives at least six hours of direct daily sunlight.

At the end of the season though you can try to keep it alive by moving potted basil indoors. The best technique for watering your basil is to do so at the base of the plant to avoid stressing the leaves and stems. In my experience it is hard to over water outdoor basil especially if the plants are in good soil that drains well.

During the dry periods in summer water the plants freely.

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