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It is a core of nigerian cooking. A few years ago a researcher mentioned that we have erroneously been calling shrimps crayfish and i have decided to shed more light on the difference between the two.

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Nigerian crayfish procambarus clarkia is one of the nutrient dense economical and aquatic animals products which is a dominant decapod in many freshwaters in nigeria.

Crayfish nigerian. In many nigerian food recipes and even on the research scene crayfish is often used to describe what shrimp is. Crayfish are usually smoked and occasionally sun dried and they form an indispensable food item in the diet of the people of the entire southern states in particular and nigeria as a whole. The colour of the red crayfish is redish while that of white crayfish is kind of brownish.

Also the average or small size bags of crayfish which is usually on retail will cost around 8 000 to 15 000. Nigeria has crayfish in abundance akwa ibom state has the biggest crayfish market not just in nigeria only perhaps in africa and maybe the world at large. A common ingredient in nigerian soups crayfish powder is made from dried blended crayfish belonging to the lobster family crayfish might sometime be used to reference dried blended prawns.

Red crayfish is dried prawns they are much larger in size when compared to the white crayfish. The medium size crayfish will go for about n30 000 in the producing areas but the pricing will change in other areas. Crayfish adds a very traditional flavour to whatever it is used to cook that is why you will mostly find it in nigerian soups for fufu meals concoction rice and many more.

Nigerian crayfish is a clean and very low carbohydrate food and has a super healthy combination of nutrients from its almost pure form of protein to. On the price of crayfish in nigeria one full bag on wholesale of it will cost from 50 000 to 65 000. What the difference between red crayfish and white crayfish.

Their main habitats are cool or warm high quality streams and lakes warm lower quality wetlands semi terrestrial swamps etc. Crayfish also known as crawfish and fresh water lobsters are highly relished and among the leading priced seafood in nigeria they can be found in brooks and streams swamps ditches and rice paddies they feed on living and dead plants and animals and cannot tolerate polluted water. It is also a common delicacy in the diet among the people of the nigerian.

We usually grind crayfish into powder with a dry mill before adding it to nigerian cooking. A visit to oron crayfish market will explain what crayfish business means. How to make crayfish video crayfish is used as seasoning in nigerian cooking.

Nigerian crayfish is an important crustacean consumed all over the world they are usually prepared for consumption by smoking and occasionally preserved by sun drying.

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