Mealybugs On Citrus Plants

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The main species of mealybugs are longtailed mealybugs pseudococcus longispinus and citrus mealybugs planococcus citri. In spring newly hatched mealybugs known as crawlers move onto young shoots where they settle on the underside of leaves.

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These areas can be difficult to spray but effective coverage is the key to mealybug control.

Mealybugs on citrus plants. There are several types of mealybugs but the most popular varieties of mealybugs are the following. Mealybug species attack a wide variety of ornamental plants and fruiting plants such as citrus trees. Mealybugs or mealy bugs are tiny insects found on plant stems and leaves see also root mealybugs.

Mealybugs are one of the most common pests on indoor plants in general and even on citrus plants grown indoors or in greenhouses. They are often found between touching fruit under the calyx or in the navels of oranges producing honeydew on which sooty mould can grow. Citrus mealybug planococcus citri citrus mealy bug planococcus citri by gailhampshire from cradley malvern u k is licensed under cc by 2 0 this type of mealybugs can attack a large number of plants whether indoors or outdoors.

The species differ mainly in the thickness and length of the waxy filaments. There are 18 pairs of short waxy filaments around the margin of the body. This video will show you organic and natural ways to c.

Mealybugs are soft oval flat distinctly segmented and covered with a white mealy wax that extends into spines filaments along the body margin and the posterior end. A hard spray from the garden hose can knock a percentage of the mealybugs off the citrus tree. Control methods for both species are similar.

Spray the tree early in the morning every few days to reduce the mealybug population. Adult female citrus mealybugs are white about 3 mm long and covered in a white mealy wax. Mealybugs family pseudococcidae are oval shaped segmented soft bodied insects covered with white mealy wax.

They look like white fluffy substances that mostly congregate on tender leaves. Citrus mealybug the most common species has a pinkish body that is visible through the powdery wax. Male mealybugs are tiny winged insects that are rarely seen on plants.

Mealybugs actually are tiny soft bodied insects. Females lay eggs in a yellow pouch out of which the young ones crawlers emerge. These are shorter at the head end and lengthen progressively towards the rear end.

Mealybugs are related to scale insects. Four species of mealybug have been recorded from citrus in western australia.

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