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Care needed to grow a sweet. Basil is one of the most useful and beautiful herbs you can grow.

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The hardest thing to do with a basil plant is to control how big it gets.

Sweet basil plant care outdoors. Sweet basil plants produce fragrant and flavorful leaves. Choose growing basil seeds or plants. Or make a second sowing outdoors in june in order to have small plants to pot up and bring indoors for winter.

Enjoy sweet basil leaves on sandwiches in salads or as a seasoning. Basil is easy to grow but it only grows outdoors in the summer and only once the soil has warmed up nicely so plan accordingly. Choose a location with good sun.

The most common type of basil is sweet basil. This allows the basil to adjust to the harsher outdoor conditions. Basil care after season.

Even so the plant may linger for a time but it will succumb at some point. Indoor plants will need more light than outdoor plants so plan on providing at least 10 12 hours of uninterrupted light. Another important thing to remember for basil plant care is to choose a spot where the basil plants will get plenty of good sunlight.

There are so many different types of basil with more appearing every year. But just keep cutting it and using it. You can add a weak fertilizer solution for an added boost of nutrition.

Basil plants come in a large number of varieties from sweet basil to thai basil to lemon basil and genovese to name a few but taking care of a basil plant remains one of the simplest tasks in gardening. Well draining fertile soil although sweet basil could be grown in less than ideal soils you ll find that maximum growth and plant health will be achieved in fertile soils. Transplant basil seedlings to 3 to 4 inch pots if the plants have 3 pairs of leaves and aren t ready to go outside.

Cultivate sweet basil outside in the garden or inside in containers. Other types include purple basil less sweet than common basil lemon basil lemon flavor and thai basil licorice flavor. Whether you re growing basil outdoors in the ground or in a container the drainage needs to be excellent.

The tiny leaves of the bush basil are very tasty as well as lovely to look at. Sweet basil thrives year round if you grow it indoors but it is an annual plant outdoors. With this knowledge it is best to be prepared to either purchase another plant or start your own from seed in the spring.

Basil is pretty much a requirement for any kitchen garden and is an easy care plant. It grows quickly and quietly with no fuss. The primary task facing a gardener when growing basil ocimum.

There are as many uses for basil as there are types. Since basil s sweet fresh flavor is fleeting it s wise to have a game plan for basil care after season. Grow a few basil plants in containers so you can bring them indoors before fall frost.

Try curly basil dark opal basil and the traditional genovese. Move basil seedlings outdoors gradually to harden them off.

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