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Blue crayfish come from freshwater marshes ditches streams wetlands and flood plains that are primarily found in florida south of the panhandle. They are generally referred to as blue lobster.

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What do crayfish eat.

Blue crayfish food. In their natural habitat blue lobsters aka blue crayfish eat plenty of aquatic plants algae dead foliage snails smaller fish and they have also been known to consume the decaying flesh of animals that die in or close to the water. Often the blue crayfish is kept in freshwater aquariums. In terms of maintaining a blue crayfish it is really very difficult as they seem stressed at the initial days due to a mismatched diet.

I have a blue crayfish and i think he s one of the best pets someone can have. That s because he s exotic a pretty bright blue color interesting to watch and easy to take care of very easy. Crayfish will typically eat whatever they can catch but since they are slow moving they are rarely able to harm most types of fish or shrimp.

In its native habitat it feeds on aquatic plants fallen leaves and detritus as a scavenger hunts smaller fish and does not stop at smaller conspecifics. The blue crayfish procambarus allei sometimes called electric blue crayfish sapphire crayfish or florida crayfish is a species of freshwater crayfish that is endemic to florida in the u s. Food habits of blue crayfish.

The blue crayfish is almost an omnivore and eats plants. In the aquarium you should feed the blue crayfish. Dry food in the form of.

They re highly opportunistic and will eat anything they can get their claws on. The blue crayfish is a wonderful addition to any tank so long as one keeps an eye on it. The only requirements for them in a tank is a cave to hide in during the day and plenty of plants to climb and hide in.

Electric blue crayfish are omnivores. It is included as a least concern species on the iucn red list. Like its name suggests the blue lobster is blue in color and shades of blue vary from bright electric blue to a duller bluish white.

Blue crayfish can consume any type of fish foods containing insect or dead fish protein as well as the live plants of the aquarium. In this blog i ll discuss what crayfish eat in the wild and what they can eat as pets. Though they have also been found in california france and germany these are believed to be colonies introduced from aquariums.

Since it commonly affects crayfish in the wild so be wary if you are purchasing a wild caught electric blue crayfish. Blue crayfish procambarus alleni. They prefer foods like invertebrate pellets or blanched vegetables such as zucchini carrots and spinach but will also eat fish food and algae wafers.

The blue lobster that is found in aquarium hobby is actually not a true lobster but rather a blue color crayfish. However what do crayfish eat. If brought into the tank it can affect all of your invertebrae.

Proper aeration is necessary as is filtration.

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