Green Basilisk Lizard On Water

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The green basilisk lizard also goes by another much more common nickname. The lizard can run on the water up to 5 ft for a distance of 15 ft before diving into the water.

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Their back toes are lined with small downward facing scales.

Green basilisk lizard on water. Smaller lizards can run for about 10 to 20 meters while juveniles can. The green basilisk runs on its back legs on the water. A basic description of the jesus christ lizard is given and how they are able to run on water.

The common basilisk lizards are expert in climbing and swimming but they are very popular and unique due to its running capability on the water surface. The green basilisk can walk on water. Fun facts about the green basilisk lizard for kids.

The species of lizard is omnivorous. Basilisk lizard can run on the water surface for several meters while holding most of their body above the surface without sinking. Among locals this unique ability of the plumed basilisk has earned the lizard the nickname the jesus christ lizard.

The average lifespan of this lizard species is about 8 12 years. The lizards range in size from less than 0 01 ounces 2 grams upon hatching to more than 7. Because it can walk on water it is sometimes called the jesus christ lizard.

That s why this lizard is also called jesus christ lizard. But when they are about to sink due to gravity they use their swimming skill. Growing to around two feet long including their tails basilisk lizards are related to iguanas.

The green basilisk lizard is also called a plumed or double crested basilisk. But its amazing ability to run on water gives this species its most recognizable moniker. This nickname comes from the reptile s unique ability to run on water.

The total length of the lizard is about 18 27 inches. When frightened by a predator s approach the lizard will drop to the water and run across the surface. Basiliscus is a genus of large corytophanid lizards commonly known as bas.

The green basilisk lizard also referred to as the jesus christ lizard can run as fast as 15mph 25 kph while on water. The jesus christ lizard. Younger green basilisk lizards can run anywhere from 10 20 meters before sinking into the water further than an adult size lizard due to their lighter body mass and weight.

It drops out of trees and runs very quickly across water to escape predators. These scales increase the surface area of the toe against the water and it is because of these toe scales that they are able to walk on water.

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