Thai Basil Minced Pork Rice Recipe

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Thai basil minced pork is one of my favorite thai recipes. Heat cooking oil in a pan till hot add chili padi and garlic saute till aroma is released.

Thai Basil Minced Pork Is One Of My Favorite Thai Recipes It S Such A Simple Dish But Still Full Of Flavor Rice Comb In 2020 Pork Spices Pork Recipes Thai Basil Pork

How to make thai basil pork rice.

Thai basil minced pork rice recipe. In a bowl combine fish sauce brown sugar light soy sauce dark soy sauce oyster sauce and chicken broth. Add 1 table spoon of sweet soya bean sauce. Add minced pork breaking up the clumps and stir fry till pork is almost cooked.

This is a classic thai street food recipe made with minced meat basil and chili. 1 large bunch basil holy basil is the traditional type to use but thai sweet basil or regular italian basil will work just fine also leaves picked. Add oyster sauce fish sauce sugar.

Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce. 5 thai chili add less if you like mild 2 cups thai sweet or holy basil approximately 2 to 3 oz for the sauce. Carefully add the rice noodles into the water and soak for 4 5 minutes until the rice noodle has turned soft stir occasionally to separate.

Add pork and continue to stir fry on medium heat until almost ready. Finally add in your thai basil basil and cook until they start to wilt. Serve a pork stir fry with plenty of plain rice to balance its powerful thai flavors and you ll soon be in thai.

Once the ground pork is cooked add this mixture into the pan and cook until the sauce has reduced and the ground pork has caramelized. Rice combines very well with the bold flavors of this dish add the pork back into the pan and toss in the thai basil leaves. It is now ready to.

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat stir in the ground pork stir fry for 2 3 minutes or until changed color remove from pan and set aside leave oil in the pan. Increase heat to high and add fresh thai basil. Add water and basil leaves cooked till leaves are wilted.

Add the pork back into the pan and toss in the thai basil leaves. Steamed rice to serve. Evenly mix the seasoning with the pork and continue to stir fry till pork is done.

Add 2 table spoon of fish sauce. So simple and delicious especially with an egg on top and it can be ready and on the table in only 15 minutes. Keep stir frying and add pork stock as needed.

4 tbsp oyster sauce. 1 tbsp soy sauce. In a hot pan add the oil and stir fry garlic and chili until fragrant.

If 2 of you are doing one can help to prep the sauce while the other prep the ingredients. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and remove from heat. 1 tbsp fish sauce.

Drain the hot water and soak the rice noodles under cold water and set aside. 4 86 from 7 votes. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar.

It s such a simple dish but still full of flavor. Thai dark sweet soy sauce. Ground or minced pork chicken beef or tofu mushroom would be good too 4 cloves garlic.

Sauté garlic until fragrant then stir in green red pepper and onion stir fry for 1 2 minutes. So time to prep the sauce of the meat before preparing your ingredients. Keep stir frying for few seconds.

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