Basil Plant Flowering What To Do

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Once the jar is full leave it to infuse for at least a week. Pinching off these flowers helps keep the plant growing.

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Basil plants will produce quickly if you keep harvesting the leaves and cut the flowers off.

Basil plant flowering what to do. Make sure to pick the leaves regularly to encourage growth throughout the summer. The flowers are edible too so don t despair if a few plants get ahead of you. These hopping beetles can quickly destroy young basil plants.

If you are cultivating basil strictly for its leaves it is best to remove the flowers. Start picking the leaves of basil as soon as the plants are 6 to 8 inches tall. Till the soil in the fall to get rid of any developing larvae.

The bolting tends to happen during really hot periods. Once temperatures hit 80 f 27 c basil will really start leafing out. When you see the first flower buds pinch the stem 2 or 3 nodes where leaves join the stem below the bud.

If the plant sets flowers it is on its way to going to seed and will not grow bushy and fill out with a lot of tasty leaves. Keep the jar covered in between basil additions. Keep the weeds at bay and cover young growing basil plants with row covers.

If basil is pruned regularly the plant is not at risk of becoming leggy and drooping and also pruning the top leaves allows light to the lower leaves which creates a more bushy plant with more abundant leaves. Pinching basil blooms back will allow all of the plant s energy to stay focused on foliage production creating a bushier plant with more leaves and maintaining higher levels of essential oils in the leaves. If your basil plant does go to seed you can collect the seeds and save them for next year.

Leaving the flowers on basil plants tends to engender a straggly looking specimen with fewer leaves to harvest. Place your freshly snipped basil flowers into a clean glass jar and cover them with red or white wine vinegar feel free to add more basil flowers to the jar as you have them along with more vinegar to cover. You ll notice a wilted appearance and tiny holes in the leaves of your plant.

Basil is best used fresh. That said it is also pungent when dried. What to do with a flowering basil plant just pinch the flowers off.

Just cut about an inch below the flowering stem. Try to cut the stem at the first sign of flowering. To keep your basil plant producing cut the flowering stem off.

Pruning basil regularly so that it does not exceed a height of around 8 inches is the best way to stimulate new growth of tasty basil leaves and to stop basil from flowering. Using a dehydrator or simply preserving the foliage by air drying in a warm dry well ventilated room for a week or so is a great way to extend the life of this herb. Harvest in the early morning when leaves are at their juiciest.

If you remove only the flower bud the plant will immediately grow another flower bud. Fertilize basil with a high nitrogen product every 2 or 3 weeks if it s in a pot and monthly if it s in the garden. I pinch them off at their base and put them in tiny bud vases in the kitchen where they both look and smell beautiful.

Once a basil plant goes to seed the existing leaves begin to lessen in flavor so don t be afraid to cut and use it as soon as possible.

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