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In this video i tackle how to tame a basilosaurus. Immune to electrophorus and cnidaria stun and dismount effects.

Stages In Whale Evolution Rhodocetus Maiacetus And Basilosaurus Animais Pre Historicos Animais Historicos

The basilosaurus is a dolphin like creature that primarily dwells along the shallow areas of the ocean.

Basilosaurus ark location. Gradually loses health when deep. The coordinates for basilosaurus have been listed in the table below. I was seeking out the basilosaurs.

227 points encountering sep 18 2020 report. It has the ability to keep survivors warm or cool. Survival evolved general discussions topic details.

Viking bay is near where my pen is so that s where i tame them. To force them to spawn in viking bay kill virtually all of the dolphins and fish and mantas and everything in the bay leave render range and come back. Regens health fast near the surface.

If you are looking for basilosaurus on the new valguero map. Basilosaurus battling strategies in ark. The following are spawn maps where the basilosaurus can be found.

Also have seen a couple spawn literally right by blue obi. Maps where the basilosaurus spawns. Or be seen at the top of the water.

One of the stranger creatures in the waters surrounding the island is basilosaurus solatiumfecit. It s a powerful swimmer which has adapted to the shallows so remarkably well that it rapidly recovers from injuries when near the water s surface. How do i kill a basilosaurus.

I tried in every mid water location even in the freezing waters. Basilosaurus are usually found in shallow water easily spotted by the groups of creatures following it. Basilosaurus i can not find any.

In the underground ocean there are plent. I would think they would be found near ice bergs etc. They really aren t all that bad.

Then look no further they are right here in abundance. The x y and z coordinates in ark are used to specify longitude altitude and latitude respecitvely. At first we found quite a few but.

The only issue is the pack of manta following them which can easily be t. The island the center ragnarok aquatic rideable tamable passive taming battle creatures breedable midgame ark mobile valguero genesis crystal isles. Feb 3 2019 12 39pm questions about finding basilosaurus for the past two weeks or so we ve been hunting high level basils in an attempt to find some that might be able to survive the underwater caves.

Conversely it s vulnerable to deep water pressure which slowly causes it harm.

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