Gari Fufu Recipe

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If you are starting out eating gari try it this way and add whatever nuts fruits or fish you fancy. It is processed from cassava.

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I have included natural yoghurt to this recipe to mimic the slight sour taste of the traditional attieke mixture.

Gari fufu recipe. Here we are back to old school days showing a quick fix both at school and home. And a handful of nuts or smoked fish and you have a refreshing snack on a hot sunny day. Test with a sharp knife that it goes all the way through.

I am not sure where the word garri originated from but something tells me that it is derived from the hausa word for grain. It is used in west african countries such as ghana sierra leone and nigeria. It has a slightly fermented sour taste.

Add stock salt and pepper and cook over medium heat stirring with a wooden spoon for about 10 to 15 minutes gradually the fufu will thicken and when very stiff it will form a thick mass then remove from heat. The fragrant smell that erupts from the dish lets you know it is time to eat. Put the cassava fufu in a clean dry pot and set on the stove.

Add shredded ukazi eru leaves and red oil. Turn on the heat to medium and start stirring with a wooden spatula till it heats up. Add a few more drops of water cover the pot and leave it to heat up.

The dish is prepared from fermented cassava that has been grated and steamed. Place salt and pepper in heavy or non stick saucepan and add gari cornmeal and sir until smooth. How to make gari fufu gari banku do you remember your student companion at the boarding house.

This recipe uses gari which is fermented grated and fried cassava and as such it s a creative recipe. Boil your cassava with the skin on until soft 20 30 minutes. Gari is cassava root dried and ground into a flour.

It really needs no cooking to be eaten as it s cooked as part of the process of preparing it. Peel the cassava and chop into large pieces. As a snack or lighter meal stir gari into cold water or milk with or without sugar or salt.

Garri is a major fufu recipe in nigeria. It just needs moistening. Keep adding drops of water bit by bit and keep stirring till the cassava fufu changes from pure white to off white.

Season to taste with salt and more maggi as needed. Stir again thoroughly making sure all the contents in the pot blend together simmer for another 10 minutes add stock water if needed. Garin in its grain form the staple is referred to as garri or gari in other west african countries.

Drain and leave to cool for 10 minutes.

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