Check Basin Irrigation System

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Figure 15 shows that basin a is irrigated first then basin b is irrigated and so on. Check your irrigation system monthly for leaks damaged or clogged sprinkler heads or for heads that may have become tilted or not aligned properly.

Irrigation And Its Types

Irrigation water is led directly from the field channel into the basin through siphons spiles or bundbreaks see also annex 1.

Check basin irrigation system. Check basin method of irrigation. Crops roots which required submergence in water for periods longer than 24 hours. During the annual nile flood the basins were flooded and the read more.

The direct method and the cascade method. Check basins are rectangular or square small plots surrounded by levees or checks. In this method water is applied to crops from supply channels by means of siphon tubes take out pipe diversion check etc.

Check basin irrigation is suited for smooth gentle and uniform land slopes and for soils having moderate to low infiltration rates. Check basin irrigation is one of the five 5 primary methods of surface irrigation system. Irrigation traditional method emerged known as basin irrigation.

Under this system the fields on the flat floodplain were divided by earth banks into a series of large basins of varying size but some as large as 50 000 acres 20 000 hectares. The size of check basins is dependent on the infiltration rate. There are two methods to supply irrigation water to basins.

Steep slopes require complex layouts and heavy land levelling. It has good control on irrigation water and high water application efficiency. Check basin irriga tion is the most common method of irrigation among irriga.

Check basin irrigation when it used. However the more common size varies from 0 03 to 0 06 hectares for medium soils. This method is especially suitable for irrigating grain and fodder crops in heavy soil where water is absorbed very slowly.

During the hottest part of the summer lawn does slow down and will change shades of green unless you are fertilizing and watering more than necessary. Check basins 1 rectangular 2 ring it is the most common surface irrigation method here the field is divided into smaller unit areas bunds or ridges are constructed the water applied to a desired depth can be retained until it infiltrates into the soil the size of the basin varies from 10 m2 to 25 m2 depending upon soil type topography stream size and crop. The supply channel is aligned in the upper side of the area and there is usually one lateral for every two rows of check basins water from the lateral channel is turned in the beds and is cut oil when sufficient water has been admitted to the basin.

Small irrigation channels are provided between two adjacent rows of beds. It is more efficient method of irrigation arid ensures uniform application of water. It may vary from 1m2 for growing vegetables and other intensive irrigation to 1 2 hectares for growing rice under wet land conditions.

Water is conveyed to the field by the stream of supply channel and lateral field channel. Both row crops and close growing crops are adopted to be used with basins as long as the crop is not affected by temporary inundation or is planted in raised beds so that it will remain above the water level. Check basin irrigation what it is.

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