Basilisk Lizard On Water

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When that happens these amazing lizards simply rely on their strong swimming skills. There are two means of walking on water.

Meet The Jesus Christ Lizard Animal Science Basilisk Lizard Jesus Lizard

Think you could do something similar with special shoes shaped like a basilisk lizard s feet.

Basilisk lizard on water. It is a medium sized lizard larger than small lizards but smaller than iguanas. Thanks to super speed and specially designed feet the basilisk lizard can run on water. The common basilisk lizards are expert in climbing and swimming but they are very popular and unique due to its running capability on the water surface.

Basilisk lizard can run on the water surface for several meters while holding most of their body above the surface without sinking. Eventually gravity will take over though. In costa rica it is known by other names such as cherepo gallego and basilisk.

The regime determined by the ratio of the animal s weight to the maximum vertical force that the surface layer can exert. Creatures such as the basilisk. But when they are about to sink due to gravity they use their swimming skill.

Basilisk lizards can run on water for several meters. Smaller lizards can run for about 10 to 20 meters while juveniles can. That s why this lizard is also called jesus christ lizard.

It inhabits riverbanks and streams throughout the costa rican pacific slope. Unfortunately gravity would make this an impossible feat. An ability that makes it deadly to insects and has led people to call it the jesus christ lizard.

Some name this reptile jesus christ lizard because it can run on water.

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