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Actors melissa mccarthy and ben falcone join hoda and jenna from their bed in australia to talk about their new movie superintelligence they also announce their 20 days of kindness. Pictures digitally in the united states via hbo max and theatrically in some international markets on november 26 2020.

Melissa Mccarthy Ben Falcone To Star In Netflix Series God S Favorite Idiot Ew Com

Netflix has picked up the workplace comedy series god s favorite idiot from executive producers and stars ben falcone and melissa mccarthy the 16 episode series stars falcone as mid level tech support employee clark thompson who finds love with his co worker amily luck mccarthy at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of god.

Melissa mccarthy falcone superintelligence comedy. Superintelligence review melissa mccarthy can t save unfunny ai comedy the two time oscar nominee sleepwalks through another underwhelming collaboration with her film maker husband ben falcone. The film stars melissa mccarthy in her fourth collaboration with her husband falcone. Melissa mccarthy and ben falcone on superintelligence and living comedy november 29 2020 omarmallick 0 comments falcone it read like a wonderful throwback movie where it s super funny and high concept but there s also a charm and a seriousness of content.

Melissa mccarthy has once again teamed up with husband ben falcone for her new hbo max action comedy superintelligence falcone has directed mccarthy in films like the boss and life of the party. It takes real guts to unironically name your fairly stupid comedy superintelligence. Melissa mccarthy is a comedic genius.

Falcone intersperses surveillance style shots of mccarthy to emphasize the superintelligence s ubiquity and not a single one leads to a good visual gag. Melissa mccarthy and ben falcone on superintelligence and living comedy the couple find themselves collaborating at the dinner table or over breakfast on projects like their new hbo max movie. Superintelligence is a 2020 american romantic action comedy film directed by ben falcone and written by steve mallory.

Though nominally a sci fi comedy superintelligence gives viewers almost nothing to look at beyond its appealing actors often shot in soft focus. In a move that could become more common as major studios lean in heavily toward their streaming launches the ben falcone directed melissa mccarthy starrer superintelligence has exited i. The tradition of mccarthy falcone misfires continues in.

Superintelligence was released by warner bros.

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