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Basiocciput petrous ridge exocciput condylar occipital bone foramen cecum olivary eminence craniopharyngeal canal intersphenoidal synchondrosis sphenooccipital synchondrosis median basal canal graphic of the skull base shows many ossification centers. Short blind ending opening on the dorsal surface.

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The external surface of the squamous part features.

Basiocciput radiology. External occipital protuberance the tip is known as the inion. The lambda is the point where joins lambdoid sutures and the sagittal suture. They are separated by cartilaginous plates called synchondroses.

The lambdoid suture is a line where the parietal bone occipital bone and are in contact. Basiocciput hypoplasia results in shortening of the clivus and is always associated with basilar invagination. The clivus of blumenbach is the sloping midline surface of the skull base anterior to the foramen magnum and posterior to the dorsum sellae 1.

The basisphenoid and basioc ciput are separated by the sphenooccipital syn chondrosis figs 2 and 3. Lateral jugular parts two. 1 department of radiology medical college of virginia richmond 23298.

The bregma is the point where joins coronal suture. The basiocciput forms the superior half of the clivus. One opening on the dorsal surface of the clivus with the blind end terminating posterior inferior to the sella turcica superior recess in basiocciput.

Long channel running through the basiocciput and posterior basisphenoid. The sphenoid bone is a complex structure with an intricate embryologic origin. 13 there is an increased prevalence of neural dysgenesis such as the chiari malformation or syringohydromyelia reported to occur in 25 35 of patients with basilar invagination.

Kuta aj 1 laine fj. The basiocciput is formed from the parachordal cartilaginous centers and the first four occipital sclerotomes 2 the sclero tome cartilage forms the boundaries of the foramen magnum. Specifically it is formed by the sphenoid body and the basiocciput which join at the spheno occipital synchondrosis.

The sphenoid bone is a complex structure with an intricate embryologic origin. The occipital bone is composed of the basiocciput supraocciput exocciput and occipital squamosa. Imaging the sphenoid bone and basiocciput.

The sagittal suture is the line where the right and left parietal bone are in contact. The squamous part is the curved expanded plate located behind the foramen magnum. The squamosa forms the interparietal and supraoccipital calvaria.

It is centrally located within the skull base and articulates with almost every structure in the skull and face. The coronal suture is the line where the parietal bone frontal bone and are in contact. And the exocciput forms the lateral margins of the foramen magnum occipital condyles and hypoglossal canals.

14 here we evaluated the incidence and severity of basioccipital hypoplasia in charge syndrome.

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