Basioccipital Basisphenoid Suture

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3 as in other non. Basioccipital basisphenoid and presphenoid the ventral face of the basioccipital is flat with the medial crest of the basioccipital figure 10 more marked than in di.

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In addition the basioccipital basisphenoid suture is closed and indistinct in all 4 paratypes which together with their molars suggests that they were all adult.

Basioccipital basisphenoid suture. Ps pre sphenoid so supraoccipital bone. The sutural borders are composed of a tissue with globular structures white arrows. In that it pierces the braincase at the basioccipital basisphenoid ventral suture is present in some theropod dinosaurs.

13 zygion zy. Basioccipital basisphenoid suture there is an elongate oval depression on the ventral side of the basisphenoid repre senting the basisphenoid recess fig. Hopefully you can at least still enjoy a little laugh at this difficult time view case.

G close up of the red box in f. Black arrows on the p14 mutant specimen indicate complete fusion of the basioccipital exoccipital suture and contact at the basioccipital basisphenoid suture. Larsson 1996 identified a complete passage of a median pharyngeal sys tem through the basioccipital basisphenoid suture of the large al losauroid carcharodontosaurus into a complex series of divertic.

When fused the synchondrosis is often called the spheno occipital suture this is a misnomer as anatomically it is not a suture. In this basioccipital basisphenoid junction no hypertrophied calcified cartilage can be seen which suggests again that it could be a suture. Normally we d prank you with this but given the current covid 19 crisis we decided just to release it straight up without trying to trick anyone.

12 zygomaxillare zm. The spheno occipital synchondrosis also known as the basiocciput synchondrosis is the synchondrosis between the basisphenoid and basiocciput bones which together when joined form the clivus. Branickii ch.

Symmetrical twin points coordinates are taken from the right half of the skull only. The epiphyses on the long bones were closed. The vertical arrow indicates the abnormal position of the basisphenoid presphenoid suture beneath the palate due to shortening of the sphenoid area in the mutant.

Lower anterior point of the maxillo malar suture anterior part of the zygomatic arch 2. Basioccipital basisphenoid suture one lower limb consisting of the tibia and digits a partial forelimb and the lumbar region of the vertebral column with the attached pelvis. Nmv c37053 was prepared as a cleaned skull and fluid preserved body whereas the remaining 3 paratypes were each prepared as a skin skull and formalin fixed carcass.

2020 april fools case. The skull suture and the closure of the epiphyses indicated this to be an adult yuma myotis m. Most salient lateral point of the zygomatic arch measured on the jugal.

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