Melissa Carone Rudy Giuliani

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A video of carone making outlandish claims about us electoral proceedings was watched more than 20m times on twitter. Who is melissa carone.

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Of all the bit characters that 2020 has brought us there is none with a story arc messier than that of melissa carone rudy giuliani s star witness in the trump campaign s laughable efforts.

Melissa carone rudy giuliani. Melissa carone and rudy giuliani email protected getty images in a startling revelation the star witness who attended president donald trump s voter fraud case in michigan on december 2 was recently released from probation. Rudy giuliani called a witness to testify that there was voter fraud in michigan during the 2020 election. By now you ve probably seen rudy giuliani s star witness melissa carone embark on a bizarre rant while appearing in court.

The trump campaign and the president s personal lawyer rudy giuliani put carone forward presented her as a credible witness and asked state legislators to disenfranchise millions of michigan voters and declare trump the winner of michigan s electoral votes based in large part on carone s claims. Jimmy kimmel brutally mocks rudy giuliani s star witness melissa carone matt wilstein 12 4 2020 undocumented immigrants are dying of covid but many fear getting vaccine. Melissa carone and rudy giuliani in a still from the video that is being circulated on social media.

Carone a mother of two originally from downriver told police she was working toward her degree in cybersecurity when she was charged. The video shows rudy giuliani attempting to stop an animated melissa carone who claims to be a contractor for dominion voting systems from speaking at the hearing in michigan on wednesday. Melissa carone a witness in one of rudy giuliani s sham election fraud hearings who went viral for her bizarre testimony only recently came off probation for stalking her boyfriend s ex wife with sex videos.

On wednesday december 2nd rudy giuliani attended a court. Matthew travis a former us election security official evaluates the unfounded testimony of melissa carone an it contractor for dominion voting systems who spoke with rudy giuliani at a hearing. Twitter carone stalked her boyfriend s former wife for two years before sending her videos of.

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