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Kodokan ijf academy 100 techniques足技 ashi waza大内刈 o uchi gari kodokan judo ijf academy 講道館 柔道. O uchi gari appartiene al primo gruppo del go kyo dai ikkyo.

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Kategoriziran je kao stopalna tehnika ashi waza.

O uchi gari. Ouchi gari 大内刈 je jedan od originalnih 40 džudo bacanja razvijenih od jigora kana. In right ouchi gari tori reaps uke s left leg with his right leg from the inside while pulling uke down. E classificata come tecnica di gamba ashi waza.

It belongs to the first group dai ikkyo of the traditional throwing list gokyo no waza of kodokan judo. In competition the reaping action of the classical variation is sometimes replaced with a hooking or lifting motion and the left hand can be used to lift or block uke s other leg while reaping the other. Efficientjudo judo judothrowsefficient judo instructional covering the basic principles of ouchi gariouchi gari seriesset ups.

See more judo throws. 大内刈 o uchi gari large inner reap oug. Reap uke s leg towards you.

O uchi gari is a technique that throws backwards and is often used on its own or as a part of a judo combination. Nella sua esecuzione tori si porta tra le gambe di uke e con un movimento circolare della propria gamba destra falcia via la gamba sinistra di uke allargando in questo modo la base d appoggio di uke fino a provocarne la caduta. ōuchi gari 大内刈 is one of the original 40 throws of judo as developed by kanō jigorō.

There are two main hand actions for o uchi gari for which the central difference is the action of the tsurite lapel hand. A foot technique throw. Spada i u trenutačnih 67 bacanja kodokan džuda.

In the first action which is generally considered the more canonical action tori s tsurite forearm makes firm and sustained contact with uke s chest and drives upwards keeping a straight wrist. It is also included in the current 67 throws of kodokan judo it is classified as a foot technique ashi waza. How to throw with o uchi gari.

Rol tv memberships. Place your leg in between uke s legs and hook uke s calf. Spada u prvu grupu dai ikkyo tradicionalnog popisa bacanja gokyo no waza kodokan džuda.

Break your opponent s balance to his left back corner causing his stance to open wide and his weight to shift mostly onto his left heel then step in deeply with your right leg and use it to reap his left leg from the inside with a large motion to your right to throw him backwards. Drive backwards using power from your support leg.

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