Nigerian Dried Crayfish

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Crayfish contains omega 3 acids which is very good for brain development in children. They range from very tiny to large ones that can be mistaken for prawns.

How To Make Crayfish Dry Prawns Dry Shrimps Yummy Seafood Crayfish Food

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Nigerian dried crayfish. Buy different nigerian dried fish stockfish eja osan thailand fish red crayfish smoked catfish bonga shawa fish abo sole fish mangala fish. Nigerian concoction rice with dried fish and crayfish. Crayfish is a natural spice.

Nigeria has a comparative advantage in the production of dried crayfish because of lots of fresh water bodies that spread across the nation. Dried crayfish offered by ew naturals ltd. Health benefits of dried crayfish.

The procedure detailed below also works for dried prawns or dried shrimps. In a mound of crayfish you will mostly find tiny ones with big ones here and there. Get fresh price quote on made in nigeria dried fish incl.

Their main habitats are cool or warm high quality streams and lakes warm lower quality wetlands semi terrestrial swamps etc. So crayfish can safely be referred to as dried shrimps. Omega 3 is also good for eye and skin health.

What you will need. Dried crayfish is a fresh water crustacean they are usually dried and blended used as cooking condiment in africa. Most people trying to reduce their intake of artificial seasoning use it as a major spice in their meals.

Can be added to a variety of dishes and are often available dried. Crayfish is hi brand name. Nigerian crayfish procambarus clarkia is one of the nutrient dense economical and aquatic animals products which is a dominant decapod in many freshwaters in nigeria.

Dried crayfish a crustacean of higher order found in fresh water is a very popular spice in west africa used in the preparation of different kinds of african dishes or foods. Fresh taste concepts place of origin. Crayfish are tiny prawns popular for the delicious fish prawn flavour they add to dishes.

The big ones known as oporo are usually sorted out from the rest and sold separately because they are used in a different way when cooking nigerian food. These beans of nigerian origin is a naturally sweeter version of black eyed peas. Dried crayfish 10 00.

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