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He was brainwashed into doing the demon king s bidding as one of his ten commandments. After absorbing the commandment of truth estarossa s.

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So by mastering his power first he physically matured first.

Meliodas brother estarossa. He is the brother of meliodas and zeldris and is the second son of the demon king. Meliodas vs zeldris estarossa full fight seven deadly sins season 3 meliodas vs zeldris estarossa full fight nanatsu no taizai season 3 be sure to c. He has all the power he s capable of available to him sooner.

Searching to put an end to the holy war gowther uses a forbidden spell and reforged mael s and everyone else s memories of the archangel giving him a new identity as the second son of the demon king under the name of estarossa as the demon clan needed someone equal in power to meliodas to join them to restore the balance of power but also as a form of revenge against mael as killed his lover glariza. Estarossa or mael as he is truly known is one of the four archangels of the goddess clan. Since estarossa commandment gave or brought out his inner power.

Estarossa s commandment renders any person who has hatred in their heart powerless against him. 1 hero rating base stats 2 skills 3 ultimate 4 unique 5 hero guide coming soon 6 gallery 7 story add a photo to this gallery estarossa is an elite warrior of the demon clan serving directly under the demon king as the love of the ten commandments. Meliodas vs zeldris and estarossa.

In that time he was the cause of much destruction. Estarossa エスタロッサ esutarossa also know as estarossa the love 慈愛のエスタロッサ jiai no esutarossa is a demon and member of the ten commandments elite warriors of the demon clan handpicked by the demon king himself but was sealed away in the coffin of eternal darkness until he was set free. Hence he did not care that estarossa killed meliodas likely being even pleased that his elder brother was no longer an obstacle to his plans and possibly that gelda s death was avenged although whether he is aware of gelda being killed by meliodas remains unknown but it is safe to assume that as he has seen the hole in edinburgh that he did which likely made his resentment towards meliodas even greater and even confidently attacked him head on without hesitation but he was most likely.

This also means that in spite of reaching his peak. If zeldris or meliodas reached their peaks they would also look like estarossa.

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