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Anju sood sabja seeds are rich in antioxidants help in controlling diabetes and. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.

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Lemonade and other drinks.

Basil seeds uses. Basil seeds or sabja seeds have anti inflammatory properties which relieve pain swelling and inflammation. The most notable health benefits of basil seeds include their ability to improve digestive health aid in weight loss efforts boost the appearance of the skin strengthen the hair regulate blood sugar cool the body relieves stress build strong bones lower blood pressure improve vision reduce inflammations lower cholesterol and prevent certain infections. Sabja seeds or basil seeds are full of fibre content which keeps your stomach fuller for longer time reduces your appetite further prevent overeating and unnecessary cravings.

They re also believed to have benefits for the skin and hair either applied raw to eczema and psoriasis or soaked and ingested to boost the production of collagen. Hot cereal like oatmeal. In ayurveda it is utilized since ages for controlling the development of plaque in blood vessels and swelling in arthritis.

Basil seeds like much of the ocimum sanctum plant are a nutrient packed natural remedy for a range of health conditions. The gum is flavorless making it ideal for food manufacturing. This property of tukmaria seeds also reduces the cholesterol level.

Basil is commonly used for stomach problems such as spasms loss of appetite intestinal gas diarrhea constipation. For example you can use basil seeds in. The seeds are so effective for example it can stabilize ice cream by 30 to 40 percent and prevent the growth of unwanted ice crystals compared to the standard ice cream formulations.

According to bangalore based nutritionist dr. They are also a. Basil may provide health benefits in the diet as herbal medicine and as an essential oil.

Basil seeds soothes digestive system boosts immunity and oral health and improves heart health. Basil seeds have a pectin rich gum which can be used in the food industry to thicken and stabilize mixtures. Rich in protein omega 3 fatty acids and fiber basil seeds are used for weight loss to control blood sugar levels to relieve constipation and heartburn.

Interestingly these seeds of the basil plant contain no calories. Traditional uses include the treatment of snakebites colds and inflammation within nasal passages.

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