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It was led by pedro mateo and salarogo ambaristo though some sources refer to a single person named pedro ambaristo with its events occurring in the present day town of piddig in ilocos norte. Nagguilian basi is another basi brand in the northern part of the philippines.

Basi Revolt Of September 16 1807 Ilocos Norte Revolt September 16

Dagohoy died two years before the revolt ended though which led to the end of the revolt.

Basi revolt monument brainly. Basi revolt 1807 the basi revolt also known as the ambaristo revolt was a revolt undertaken from september 16 to 28 1807. The basi revolution happened during the spanish era when the government forbid the private manufacturers to sell basi in the public and force the market the people to buy basi from the government. As we remember today the 213th year of the basi revolt 1807 in ilocos we are launching this digital version of the second series of our art history and conservation monograph focusing on the basi revolt paintings and the role of basi an alcoholic beverage from fermented sugarcane in shaping and expressing the cultural heritage and identity of the ilocano through ethnographic.

Another attack also sent by ricafort in 1828 and 1829 failed as well. In 1782 there was monopoly of tobacco. Ricafort himself sent a force of 2 200 troops to bohol which was defeated by dagohoy s followers.

Started making basi in the year 1906 99 years after the basi revolt. The light fermented sugarcane winemaker s most prominent product is the ambaristo named after the basi revolt hero pedro ambaristo. The revolt was caused by the spanish prohibition of the production of sugarcane wine called basi.

The basi revolt monument in the highway of piddig has a salakot native hat kalasag shield badang bolo and b urnay ceramic jar. Basi del diablo wines of the salucop group inc. The salakot native hat may simbolize the filipinos who joined this revolution.

It put the sale traffic and manufacture of tobacco under government control. The basi revolt started in piddig in september 1807. See 2 photos from 5 visitors to basi revolt monument.

Twenty governors general from juan arrechederra to manuel ricafort palacĂ­n y ararca failed to stop the revolt. Piddig is known in history for the famous basi rebellion in 1807 in his book former president marcos said. The basi revolt a full scale war mounted by folks in piddig ilocos norte against the spaniards in 1807 the unique revolt was in defense of basi a potent wine fermented from sugarcane juice which along with tobacco was a major product of the ilocos region.

The basi revolt monument in the highway of piddig has a salakot native hat kalasag shield badang bolo and burnay ceramic jar.

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