Ring Basin Irrigation Method

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Ring basin irrigation method is especially suitable for fruit and vegetable crops. Generally one basin is made for one tree.

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Irrigation methods basin irrigation method.

Ring basin irrigation method. Application of water in furrows or basins can only be done on level land requires much labor and often results in flooding of low areas in orchards. An important advantage of the furrow method is that only 0 2 to 0 5 as much surface area is wetted during irrigation as compared with flooding methods of irrigation and evaporation losses are correspondingly reduced. In this technique a raised platform known as thanvla is shaped around trees or bushes and they re connected to one another through drains and the water reaches from one tree to another.

It is a good method for irrigating orchard plants and also for all types of soil. The principal methods of applying water are basin and furrow irrigation sprinkler irrigation trickle or drip irrigation subsurface irrigation and mist irrigation. Figure 15 direct method of water supply.

D basin method this method is frequently used to irrigate orchards. Ring basin irrigation method. There are two methods to supply irrigation water to basins.

The direct method and the cascade method. Furrow irrigation is adapted to lands of irregular topography. In this method water is applied to crops from supply channels by means of siphon tubes take out pipe diversion check etc.

A basin is made around the stump of the plant at a distance of about 30 60 cm which may be square rectangular or circular in shape. Irrigation water is led directly from the field channel into the basin through siphons spiles or bundbreaks see also annex 1. Initial cost for preparing basin is high.

This irrigation technique is much more suited to horticulture crops orchids. Check basin irriga tion is the most common method of irrigation among irriga. The individual plant or plant grown in pit is irrigated by this method.

E furrow method in the surface irrigation methods discussed above the entire land surface is flooded during each irrigation. Basin irrigation is a class of surface irrigation methods in which area is divided into number checks or basins. Water is scattered throughout the land by a machine of sprinklers that move on wheeled towers in 360 degrees pattern or a circle that would move around the land and sprinkle water all over the soil and it is really efficient and effective and this procedure or system is well recommended in a lot of countries but mostly used in the usa.

It is an efficient method in the use of water. Figure 15 shows that basin a is irrigated first then basin b is irrigated and so on. This method economise the water considerably.

Check basin irrigation is one of the five 5 primary methods of surface irrigation system. However where conditions are favourable two or more trees can be included in one basin. This method can be used for most crop types and is suitable for most soils.

34 1 general adoptability basin irrigation design is simpler than either furrow or border design since tail water is prevented fromthe existing field and the slopes are usually very small or zero.

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