Giant Crayfish Vs Lobster

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A special visitor at the open lab is the freshwater crayfish or koura. Lobsters are generally the longer crustacean version when compared to crayfish.

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In australia the southern rock lobster caught in south eastern australia and the western rock lobster found in southern western australia are two species of particular commercial value.

Giant crayfish vs lobster. They turn the same lobster red hue when cooked but alive the crawfish are greener browner and depending on whether they are caught in saltwater or fresh can have bright blue in their shells. This child sized lobster weighed 27 pounds 12 25 kilograms and was over 40 inches 101 6 centimeters. Once cooked its color changes to bright orange.

Reuters a lobster nicknamed rocky was caught off the coast of maine in 2012 and was described as being the same size as a 3 year old child. The species is only found in the rivers below 400 metres 1 300 ft above sea level in northern tasmania an island state of australia it is listed as an endangered species on the iucn red. Rock lobsters or spiny lobsters are also often called sea crayfish unlike the true freshwater crayfish crays or langoustines.

Overall although lobsters and crayfish are typically the same crustaceans in terms of body structure they still manage to be different in two major aspects. Crayfish is a small freshwater decapod with large front claws while lobster is a comparatively large saltwater decapod with large front claws. And heierling would know.

Lobsters live in saltwater habitats whereas crayfish live in freshwater environments. Lobster meat has low levels of cholesterol saturated fats and calories. Besides size the major difference between lobsters and crayfish is that lobsters live in saltwater such as oceans and seas while crayfish live in freshwater including lakes rivers streams and ponds.

This little guy is in gradual decline and is ranked on the threatened species list. Rocky was caught in a shrimping net and brought to the maine state aquarium. Crayfish however are much smaller averaging two to six inches long while lobsters are typically at least eight inches long when they are harvested for food although they can grow up to 20 inches or more.

Contrary to lobsters and rock lobsters crayfish are freshwater crustaceans that inhabit rivers lakes dams streams and ponds. This is why there are a variety of lobster recipes such as bisque soups lobster rolls lobster newburg and many more. Since lobsters are bigger than crayfish this means there s more meat to eat.

Crayfish is not much colorful while lobsters are colorful. The tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish astacopsis gouldi also called tasmanian giant freshwater lobster is the largest freshwater invertebrate and the largest freshwater crayfish species in the world.

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