Basic Oil Paint Palette Colors

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From these three basic colors you can create a great range of color mixes greens purples and oranges the three secondary colors so you can match colors in nature as well as other subjects such as still life objects. Lemon yellow cool yellow cadmium orange secondary dioxiane purple secondary yellow orche earth tone burnt umber earth tone this palette gives you all the basic colors to build secondary or tertiary colors.

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Artist grade oil paints are created to be as vibrant and permanent as possible with the purest paints made solely of pigment and linseed or poppy oil.

Basic oil paint palette colors. Either way your palette is incredibly important as the colors you choose to put on your palette influences all of your paintings thereafter. Oil paint palettes introduction. While they can be more costly starting with smaller tubes or a limited color palette will allow you to experiment with professional quality paints without overspending.

To those shade mixtures you add white to make tones. A basic limited portrait palette titanium white yellow ochre light red english red raw umber ivory black i usually use winsor newton artists oil the light red and english red are made by old holland with this palette you can mix a base tone with the yellow ochre white and light red. Complementary hues are directly across from each other on the color wheel.

You cannot go wrong as long as you have at least a red yellow blue the primary colors and white. You need to have a good understanding of color theory to use this palette successfully. If you want to mix all your colors buy two reds two blues two yellows and a white.

Or maybe you are wanting to make your current palette a little bit more basic. For example the complement to orange is blue. Whether it s watercolor acrylic or oil my paint palette tends to follow a pretty basic formula warm and cool versions of each of the primary colors yellow red blue a green or two earth colors and depending on the medium white.

This palette only has three tube colors a red a blue and a yellow the three primary colors plus white. You don t need to lay out every paint color you own every time you start to paint. Are you just starting out with painting and have no idea which colors you need.

You want two of each because you want to have a warm and cool version of each color. Some popular oil painting starter kits can be purchased from amazon below. Having six primary colors rather than just three also gives you a larger range of colors available to use in mixing.

If you re using our traditional oils recommendation list for paint colors this is how i would lay them out. As you add white black and complementary colors to your pure hues you change their values and their intensities in very specific ways. Gamblin artist oil colors introductory set winsor newton winton oil colors set basic 10 color set.

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