Basil Plant Uses

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Basil has been used for centuries for its medicinal attributes. It is a standout for its rich flavor and aromatic scent.

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It is known for being the main ingredient in traditional pesto and is also a favorite seasoning in tomato based pasta sauces.

Basil plant uses. When sprinkled over a salad basil flowers impart a mild basil flavor and add a decorative touch. Basil is also said to reduce dna oxidative damage to slow the growth of leukemia cells. Basil plant benefits and uses stretch well beyond the kitchen and have been used in herbal medications and natural therapies.

Medicinal basil plant uses. Basil leaves health benefits includes supporting healthy brain managing arthritis managing stress slowing down aging supporting bone health managing epilepsy aid metabolism relieving post menstrual syndrome providing energy preventing cancer and supporting eye health. The parts of the plant that grow above the ground are used to make medicine.

Basil is an herb in the mint family that is essential in italian cooking although it is also used in a variety of other types of cuisines including thai indonesian and vietnamese. Basil ocimum basilicum is an easy to grow herb used for culinary purposes but it has found its purpose in the medicinal field too. In terms of fragrance and flavor the flowers are similar if milder than the leaves.

New studies have found that phenolics found in the herb act as antioxidants. This herb suits into different cuisines and that s why it s used all over the world from the famous italian pesto to delicious thai basil chicken. Basil is a well known culinary world that can be found in many home and professional kitchens.

And the plant itself serves as an herbal remedy for a lot of common ailments in the ancient indian ayurvedic system of healthcare. Sometimes flowers can be somewhat bitter so test them first. Consuming basil may help reduce oxidative stress.

While basil is generally considered a safe herb in culinary amounts medicinal use of basil is considered possibly unsafe for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Basil is commonly used for stomach problems such as spasms loss of appetite intestinal gas diarrhea constipation. Basil may provide health benefits in the diet as herbal medicine and as an essential oil.

Basil flowers are perfectly edible. Basil promotes hair growth as it nourishes with vitamins a and c flavonoids and polyphenolic acids. Basil safety precautions.

Traditional uses include the treatment of snakebites. In the hindu religious tradition the tulsi or holy basil plant serves both as an important symbol and also as a popular medicinal remedy as a symbol the plant is worshiped in the morning and evening by hindus everywhere. In fact purple basil has about half the amount found in green tea.

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