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Most specialists suggest feeding crawfish commercial algae pellets as main food sources. Keep this quantity in mind if you choose to feed them other types of food too.

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Sprinkle the pellets around all of your pet s favorite hiding spots to make it easy for it to get to them.

Crayfish food pellets. Among the flakes aqueon shrimp pellets fish food is the ideal one for blue crayfish. Remember pet crayfish aren t like a picky date or anything like that. Live foods aquaculture supplies assistance with breeding and more.

You could likewise go the route of feeding them various leafy greens and also spinach. Live foods aquaculture supplies assistance with breeding and more. Because of this go ahead and give them their vegetables such as green beans zucchini carrots peas and spinach.

Added spirulina to help with binding via pellet milling. But don t get carried away with these because just like you a variety of foods are important for quality health. Wholesale bulk retail available.

This is a very common way to feed these peculiar creatures and very common. Shrimp snacks snail snacks crayfish crayfish snacks. Live fry or feeder fish.

Here s a small list of food items you can add to your crayfish s diet. You can also give them sinking algae pellets that can be purchased online or at most any pet store. It is their most preferred activity to jump on their prey from the holes they dig in the substrate.

They do not need to be fed in large amounts especially when they re adults. Crayfish can also have frozen aquarium foods occasionally such as daphnia bloodworms and brine shrimp. They are most active at night when they feed largely on snails insect larvae worms and amphibian tadpoles.

They ve been recognized to consume dead snails shrimp as well as fish. Crayfish mate in the autumn and lay eggs in the spring. How often should you feed your crayfish.

Small bits of fruit. There are many food options. Make certain to avoid polluting their habitat when feeding them these items.

Food for adult blue lobsters. Their diet consists of vegetables like frozen peas carrots and even plants like java moss. Pellet type foods are high in protein and contain all the nutrients crayfish need to grow and develop healthy shells.

So feel free to feed them lettuce peas and other vegetables. I feed my adult blue lobsters algae pellets because they absolutely love them. Gourmet blend with high quality worm protein and algae nutrients can also be fed to them.

They also eat shrimp meat fish insects that accidentally fall into the tank sinking pellets table scrap etc. In terms of pellets this could be a 0 75 inch pellet per fish per day when they re young and every other day for an adult. Crayfish common in streams and lakes often conceal themselves under rocks or logs.

The eggs attached to the female s abdomen hatch in five to eight weeks. Crayfish being omnivorous can eat anything that they find. Crayfish use their claws and two pairs of front walking legs to eat.

Besides that aquatic foods inc. 1 3lb pellets at 6mm in diameter.

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