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She became best friends withaurianaandtaliasince being chosen as the vocalist. Princess irisis the main protagonist ofthe french animated series lolirock.

Princess Iris Is The Main Protagonist Of Lolirock She Is The Princess Of Ephedia And Frontwoman Of The Girl Band Lolirock Magical Girl Iris Favorite Character

15 powers and abilities.

Lolirock characters iris. She has wavy blonde hair fair skin light blue eyes pink lips and freckles. In the beginning iris is quite. She is kind hearted and willing to help everyone.

Iris voiced by kazumi evans in english version lisa caruso in french version the lead singer of lolirock iris is a 15 year old girl living in sunny bay. She is the princess of ephedia who she fights for justice and peace for both her home planet realm ephedia and her precious planet earth initially not knowing her heritage. Princess of ephedia age.

She is the princess ofephediaand frontwoman of the lolirock band. 1 character 1 1 appearance 1 2 personality 2 information iris has blue eyes fair skin freckles pink lips and blonde hair. She is best friends with auriana and talia after being chosen as the band s vocalist.

Super strength speed durability magic ice manipulation can animate inanimate objects can augment her strength can create crystal constructs dimensional travel telekinesis can speak to animals can create panels to fly in the sky sealing can stop time even for those who can. After she transforms she has pink hair. This power is coveted by gramorr.

She was brought to earth as a baby and raised there. Princess iris is the main character of lolirock. She is the princess of ephedia and frontwoman of the girl band lolirock.

Trivia iris lolirock with talia and auriana will meet connor lacey and pals in connor lacey s adventures of power rangers mystic force she is voiced by kazumi evans. She was adopted by aunt ellen as a young child. 1 appearance 2 personality 3 history 3 1 pre series 3 2 series.

Mar 9 2017 princess iris is the main protagonist of lolirock. Iris is one of the three main protagonists in lolirock. She is training to reclaim the throne of ephedia from gramorr.

See more ideas about iris girl bands magical girl. A dreamer she loves to sing and one day she discovers that a new girl group called lolirock was looking for a singer. She has a singing power that seems to enchant everything around her.

Iris is the main character of the show and the lead singer of lolirock. A listing of all the characters in lolirock with articles on them in the lolirock wiki. She wasvoiced by kazumi evans in the english dub who also voiced adagio dazzle in my little pony equestria girls.

Rainbow rocks the singing voice of rarity in both. 4 gallery 5 sightings 6 magical abilities 7 transformation sequences 8 trivia 9 references iris is a kind. Princess irisis the main protagonist oflolirock.

She is the princess ofthe kingdom of ephedia located on a distant planet of the same name.

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Princess Iris Is The Main Protagonist Of Lolirock She Is The Princess Of Ephedia And Frontwoman Of The Girl Band Lolirock She Is Best Friends With Auriana And

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Princess Iris Is The Main Protagonist Of Lolirock She Is The Princess Of Ephedia And Frontwoman Of The Girl Band L Magical Girl Anime Magical Girl Anime Chibi

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