Lori Drew Cyberbully Case

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Where is lori drew now. I m curious what happened the woman who faked an myspace account to bully a 13 year old girl megan meier to suicide.

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Thought to be the first cyber bullying trial in the us.

Lori drew cyberbully case. Much attention has been paid to drew s case primarily because it was the nation s first cyber bullying trial. Drew 50 was accused of participating in a. Lori drew is one of the most notorious cyber bullying cases this notorious cyber bullying incident that actually got to court took place in missouri in 2006 when lori drew and her then teenage daughter created a false account on myspace to discover if one of the daughter s ex friends megan meier was spreading false rumours about her.

Posted by 3 years ago. Which in the past has been used in hacking and trademark theft cases. 2009 is the final decision in a criminal case that charged lori drew of violations of the computer fraud and abuse act cfaa over the alleged cyberbullying of a 13 year old megan meier who committed suicide.

The woman that caused the death of a 13 year old girl. Megan taylor meier november 6 1992 october 17 2006 was an american teenager who died by suicide by hanging herself three weeks before her 14th birthday. Being the mother of two grown children i has seen countless friendships blossom and fall apart over many years and most by the way were rekindled many times over.

A year later meier s parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyberbullying through the social networking website myspace lori drew the mother of a friend of meier was acquitted of. Lori drew faces up to one year in prison and a fine of 100 000 for each. You d think this was a homicide case drew s attorney.

Where is lori drew now. I believe that lori drew was angry that a 13 year old girl may of said that she didn t like her daughter any more for some reason. On second thought perhaps it s too bad judge wu acquitted lori drew.

Los angeles a federal judge on thursday overturned guilty verdicts against lori drew issuing a directed acquittal on three misdemeanor charges. Lori drew cleared of myspace cyber bullying. Technically this is old news the judge in the case said way back on.

Among other things drew was charged with conspiring to. The woman that caused the death of a 13 year old girl. Updated july 3.

The federal district court vacated the jury s verdict convicting drew of a misdemeanor violation of the cfaa. Cyberbully mom guilty. Who responded to the news by cyber bullying.

Lori drew decided to humiliate a.

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