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Basil is a warm weather fragrant herb that tastes great in many dishes including the beloved homemade pesto. However basil is an annual plant so it will grow flower produce seeds and die within a year regardless of your level of care.

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Ocimum basilicum commonly called basil grows as an annual that is used in cuisines all around the world.

Basil plant care. Reduce the fertilizer frequency if you see the overfertilization symptoms like browning leaf tips wilting or yellowing lower leaves and white crust of accumulated salts on the soil. Attending to the plant s basic needs inspecting the leaves for pests and regularly harvesting the leaves are just a few ways to properly care for your basil plant. Basil is ready to start harvesting in about 60 to 90 days from seeding.

Basil plants can be grown as perennials in usda hardiness zones 10 and above. Your basil plant should be pruned several times throughout the season. Plant seeds or transplants after all danger of frost has passed and soil is warm and it will yield an abundant harvest within weeks.

Originally from india basil is used to flavor. He has six vegetable gardens a 7 meter glass house and 35 tree orchard that provide food for his family. This can be done after the plants have grown at least 6 8 inches.

The complete guide to plant care and harvest basil. This will encourage new growth and is especially important if using the herb for culinary purposes. When harvesting basil i prefer to cut a stem just above a pair of leaves.

Fertilize your basil plant every 2 weeks with half strength balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Indoor basil plant care. Keep harvesting the leaves to keep the plant going strong.

How to take care of an indoor basil plant. Craig is a self sufficiency gardener who lives in auckland new zealand. For most home gardeners it is grown a tender annual plant that lasts only until the first frost and must be replanted every season.

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