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Despite what seems like an obvious problem maddox never considered her lifestyle unusual. Sable starr and iggy pop in 1973.

Famous Picture Of Led Zeppelin With Groupies Sable Starr Is Next To Robert Plant And Lori Maddox Is On The Far Rig Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Drummer Zeppelin

What are everyone s thoughts on what page did to lori.

Lori maddox led zeppelin. Lori maddox mattix was by her own admission a groupie. She is perhaps best known for an interview with thrillist in 2015 in which she made allegations of being involved in sexual relationships with david bowie jimmy page and mick jagger. Sable starr queenie lori maddox with led zeppelin.

Just curious on what people think thought after finding that info out. Sabel starr and legs mcneil ca. Posted by 4 hours ago.

Jimmy page john bonham john paul jones and robert plant 1969. Michael ochs archives getty images mattix was under the age of consent she says. Finally led zeppelin s tour manager kidnapped her and brought her to the hyatt and to jimmy s room.

Not too long after her tryst with bowie lori maddox got a phone call from jimmy page guitarist and founder of led zeppelin the biggest rock band in the world at the time. Wireimage has any band inspired as much myth and misinformation as led zeppelin. She was part of a crowd in the 70s known as baby groupies.

In the unauthorized biography of led zeppelin hammer of the gods maddox explains that page told his tour manager richard cole to kidnap her and take her to the west hollywood hotel the band was staying in. Lori maddox lori mattix nsfw. Lori mattix sometimes known as lori maddox or lori lightning is a former child model and baby groupie of the 1970s.

Not only the statutory rape but locking her up in a hotel room while they toured. The power and excess of led zeppelin there s a snippet where lori and some other people describe an event where the zeppelin boys dressed in drag as a prank on george harrison and stevie wonder. And jimmy was just sitting there in a corner wearing this hat slouched over.

He was known for being tight and was nicknamed led wallet but he financed zeppelin s first album paying for studio sessions at a cost of 1 782 around 30 000 today. Maddox admits to being kept under lock and key presumably to keep 29 year old page from being imprisoned for child sexual abuse. Interviewed in hammer of the gods a biography of led zeppelin lori said that the room was dimly lit by candles.

Keith moon drummer with the who in 1974 with girlfriend annette walter lax left and lori mattix. In fact she reveled in it. In 1973 she gave a candid interview for the short lived los angeles based star magazine and boasted to the journalist that she considered herself to be the best of all the local groupies.

As of november 2015 she is a partner and buyer for the glam boutique in west hollywood. Lori maddox lori mattix nsfw. Lori avoided his advances several times later stating that she was frightened of him.

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