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The congo basin is one of earth s richest centres of flora and fauna. The congo basin french.

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Democratic republic of the congo bottom.

Congo basin meaning in hindi. The congo s drainage basin covers 4 014 500 square kilometres 1 550 000 sq mi an area larger than india the congo s discharge at its mouth ranges from 23 000 to 75 000 cubic metres per second 810 000 to 2 650 000 cu ft s with an average of 41 000 cubic metres per second 1 400 000 cu ft s. Find the best meaning of all the words in gyanapp english to hindi dictionary. The vast drainage area of the congo river includes.

Do you know the hindi meaning of congo. A regional assessment of forest disturbance dynamics from 2000 to 2014 was performed for the congo basin countries using time series satellite data. Where you can wash your hands and face.

English to hindi dictionary. Congo synonyms congo pronunciation congo translation english dictionary definition of congo. Area of forest loss was estimated and disaggregated by predisturbance forest type and direct disturbance driver.

Bassin du congo is the sedimentary basin of the congo river the congo basin is located in central africa in a region known as west equatorial africa the congo basin region is sometimes known simply as the congo. Pieter henket s congo tales series explores cultural mythologies of the local inhabitants of the congo basin containing some of the largest tropical rainforests in the world. Also get the hindi definition and the synonyms of the word congo.

It is the world s second largest river basin next to that of the amazon comprising an area of more than 1 3 million square miles 3 4 million square km. New york based howard greenberg gallery will present a virtual viewing room exhibition of work the 2017 series and this will be first time the work is on view through a u s. Find the correct meaning and hindi pronunciation of the word congo in easy language.

Congo basin basin of the congo river lying astride the equator in west central africa. Follow the link to learn more about the congo basin. Declared a one party state in 1978 and was overthrown by rebels in 1997.

The basin begins in the highlands of the east african rift system with input from the chambeshi river the uele and ubangi rivers in the upper reaches and. Find the correct meaning and hindi pronunciation of the word washbasin in easy language. A basin for washing the hands wash hand basin is a british expression a bathroom sink that is permanently installed and connected to a water supply and drainpipe.

It is home to a world of wildlife and is run through by the powerful congo river this beautiful area is part of africa s heartland but it is under threat and should be protected. The country consists chiefly of the congo basin with large areas of dense tropical forest and. An estimated 84 of forest disturbance area in the region is due to small scale nonmechanized forest clearing for agriculture.

The river and its tributaries flow through the congo rainforest the second largest rain forest.

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