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City level has the highest physical power out of first arc sins casually split bastee dungeon in an arm wrestling contest with ban mountain level with demon mark stronger than linked helbram to the point where he had to ask for more power at least city level in base easily sliced through albion i s hand who is the size of a mountain the sacred treasure lets him draw out more power at least mountain level with demon mark has a power level of 10 300 which is. As a child meliodas had a power level of 300.

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The demon king has powerful control over the elements causing a fog of death as well as fire and lightning capable of killing all the inhabitants of belialuin along with the supreme deity.

Meliodas demon king form power level. Note that the demon king always has his demon mark activated. The demon king is the highest level of demon and can access his demonic biology and powers to give himself a boost in physical ability and various other advantages. After half of his demon power is released known as berserk meliodas s combat class is raised to 10 300.

But now that he has absorbed all of the ten commandments and experienced demon king controlling his body it s safe to say that demon king zeldris is enough to give meliodas s final form a very hard time. 1 background 2 powers abilities 3 equipment 4 alternate forms 5 feats 5 1 strength 5 2 speed 5 3 durability 5 4 skill 6 weaknesses 7 fun facts meliodas is a demon that has lived for thousands of years. After receiving his power back his combat class raises to 60 000.

They both suffer seeing the same loved one die over and over. They both break the same suffering or curse that is placed on them. The only known victim is the goddess elizabeth and the only way to remove the curse is to obtain a level of power equivalent to the supreme deity or the demon king if not superior.

Meliodas has some similarities to a character named caius ballad from the game final fantasy 13 2 and lightning returns final fantasy. Meliodas vs demon king zeldris power levels all formsseven deadly sins power levels up to date with nanatsu no taizai chapter 326 englishget anime apparel he. At night his magic power increases.

Many years in the past he lived in the kingdom of danafor and. Due to his nearly unmatched power the demon king has extremely high levels of self confidence that borders on arrogance openly telling meliodas ban and wild that there is no way they can pass through the door of purgatory as long as he guards them even telling his defiant son that he is the one who decides all that happens in purgatory. You d think that zeldris was strong enough before with his ominous nebula and magic resistance.

Meliodas was revealed as a demon and a member of the demon clan. Meliodas is the main protagonist of the manga nanatsu no taizai also known as the seven deadly sins written by nakaba suzuki. With his demon mark his combat class is raised to 4 400.

Demon king zeldris has an estimated power level of around 750 000.

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