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If in doubt plant in a greenhouse tunnel house or inside. When growing basil indoors for transplant start them 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost date.

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Do not plant seeds or basil plants until all danger of frost has passed.

Basil plant care outdoor temperature. Layer the soil around outdoor basil with mulch to regulate the temperature. Plant outdoors in early spring as long as temperatures don t drop below 50 f. But even temperatures below 50 degrees fahrenheit can stunt the plant s growth and might damage leaves.

If the temperature drops below 39 f basil will turn up its toes and die. At this temperature you can harvest basil in bulk up to 5 times each season and if you re growing it year round you ll be harvesting it numerous times. When growing basil outdoors it is very important to remember that basil is very sensitive to cold and even a light frost will kill it.

As for temperature many professional gardeners have concluded that the optimal temperature range for basil is around 72 5 82 4 f 24 28 c. Mulch will also deter weeds from growing inside of your bed of basil. Account for any temperature fluctuations by adding a layer of mulch on top of the basil bed.

If you choose growing basil plants dig a small hole tease out the root ball some and plant the basil plant in the ground. It s best to start basil plants indoors about three or four weeks before your last expected frost date waiting until soil warms to 60 degrees and the air stays above 50 degrees to plant basil seedlings in the garden. Wait till the temperature is right.

Since basil is a spring summer herb it grows best in temperatures higher than 50 f 10 c.

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