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All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos workshop news guides reviews. 1 basic info 1 1 dossier 1 2 behavior 1 3 appearance 1 4 color scheme and regions 1 5 drops 1 6 base stats and growth 1 6 1 wild stats level up 2 combat 2 1 general 2 2 strategy 2 3 weaponry 2 4.

Basilosaurus Ark Survival Evolved Mythical Creatures Ark

The island the center ragnarok aquatic rideable tamable passive taming battle creatures breedable midgame ark mobile valguero genesis crystal isles the basilosaurus is a dolphin like creature that primarily dwells along the shallow areas of the ocean.

Basilosaurus ark. How long takes the hole timr froim breedting to finished. The creature drops oil hide raw prime meat and basilosaurus blubber when it is killed. Ark basilosaurus guide how to tame drops food location march 2 2020 october 21 2020 michael james 0 comments ark.

What does a basilosaurus eat. After that he eats from food loadder. The basilosaurus is a large carnivorous piscivorous aquatic mammal found in the oceans of the ark.

I tried in every mid water location even in the freezing waters. Survival evolved mobile but currently it s of no use. The basilosaurus blubber can be found on a dead basilosaurus by looking in its inventory before harvesting it for meat and hide or in a bag left on the ground if harvested before accessing the inventory or when eaten by other predators.

It can also be obtained in ark. Basilosaurus i can not find any. The dossier was revealed by.

Maybe someone could help me. Survival evolved the basilosaurus eats exceptional kibble therizinosaurus kibble raw mutton raw prime meat cooked lamb chop cooked prime meat raw prime fish meat raw meat cooked meat raw fish meat cooked prime fish meat and cooked fish meat. How long it will stay in baby phase.

Thx in advanced for help and sorry 4 my bad english. The basilosaurus is a large whale like mammal that lives in water. I was seeking out the basilosaurs.

Basilosaurus blubber is used as tribute to summon bosses. Common rare untameable cave the basilosaurus is one of the creatures in ark. How to tame a basilosaurus easy ark survival evolved xbox one the basilosaurus is one of the most useful under water dino s in ark survival evolved i show.

It is a passive creature in ark and will remain passive unless provoked. Survival evolved guides the basilosaurus solatiumfecit is a water creature that was first seen during the late eocene period and has a piscivore diet along with a passive temperament. I wann bread my basi but didn t findinfos about it.

1 appearance 2 behavior 3 domestication 3 1 taming 4 trivia 4 1 trivia not relevant for the game 5 gallery 5 1 fan made 5 2 official 5 2 1 gameplay images 6 videos 6 1 spotlight tba tba tba tba basilosaurus was officially revealed by susan claire on march 24 2016.

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