Cooked Rusty Crayfish

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Next add live crayfish and boil for an additional 7 minutes. The crayfish are boiled rapidly for about 3 minutes and then the heat is switched off and they are left to simmer for another 8 10 minutes during which time their shells will change from a dull blue brown colour to a spectacular bright red or orange shade.

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The easiest most common and most humane method of cooking crayfish is by plunging them into a pan of boiling water at which point they will die instantly.

Cooked rusty crayfish. 100 to 150 g. Don t forget to subscribe. Since then the species has spread aggressively.

150 to 200 g. Once you have the salted water ready in the casserole dish or pan add a bay leaf for a touch of extra flavor and after that add the crayfish and wait for them to cook through. Crayfish can be cooked in several batches though you may want to refresh with more salt and spices.

Native to the ohio river basin ecosystem the large bad tempered crustaceans known in scientific circles as orconectes rusticus or rusty crayfish is an exotic species in michigan accidentally introduced into the great lakes several decades ago. For either recipe bring water to a boil before adding all ingredients except crayfish. Cooking time will vary depending on their size.

50 to 100 g. Boil for 10 minutes to get the flavors acquainted.

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