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So begins giri haji duty shame an intercontinental thriller and co production between the bbc and. Detective kenzo mori and his brother yuto whom he believes to be deceased.

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Giri haji begins with kenzo a tokyo detective heading to london to track down his brother.

Giri haji yuto. The series was created and written by joe barton and features an ensemble cast including takehiro hira kelly macdonald yōsuke kubozuka will sharpe masahiro motoki justin long. The theory goes that yuto is more likely to reveal himself to his brother than anyone else. It was told in a bold pacy style it used almost chapter like titles with those japanese drums again to show how yuto had saved gangster abbott in his bar.

The thriller s fifth episode finally forces the siblings to talk thus unraveling yuto s many secrets. For the most part the story of giri haji follows kenzo a world weary detective who travels to london in search of his brother yuto after he gets involved with the. Yuto has been accused of murdering the nephew of a yakuza member which as a result threatens to start a gang war back.

After last weeks often dazzling often not so dazzling opening instalment episode two of giri haji started off in thrilling style telling the story of how yuto mori s story in london. Yuto murdered a rival yakuza boss nephew in london and if he s not returned to japan there will be a gang war. The series was released to those around the rest of the world on netflix in january 2020.

How do you feel the title of this. Translating from japanese as duty shame giri haji follows two central protagonists. Kenzo mori a tokyo detective travels to london in search of his brother yuto mori who was previously assumed to have been dead.

Giri haji is a british television series on bbc two. It gave me the opportunity to portray the dual aspects of his character his past upbeat self and his present darker self as well as the vulnerability of a conflicted man who is at the mercy of fate. It premiered on bbc two on october 17 2019 and on netflix internationally in january 2020.

Giri haji is a thriller that bursts with compelling scenes. The story of giri haji. Giri haji is japanese for duty shame and the series made its debut on bbc two back in october 2019.

Why did the character of yuto appeal to you as an actor. After a few episodes it transpires that yuto is in fact alive living in london and has recently killed the son of a tokyo yakuza boss. 義理 恥 duty shame is a british television series which premiered on bbc two in the united kingdom on 17 october 2019 and was released internationally on netflix on 10 january 2020.

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