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Isidore of seville defined the basilisk as the king of snakes due to its killing glare and its poisonous breath. The poison was so lethal it left a wide trail of venom in its wake.

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Basilisk skin is armoured like that of a dragon s which deflects spells cast upon it.

Basilisk snake size. Basiliskoi appeared in various forms throughout history. The venerable bede was the first to attest to the legend of the birth of a basilisk from an egg by an old cockerel and then other authors added the condition of sirius being ascendant. It started off as a small crowned snake being able to kill with its lethal poison and evil gaze.

Basiliscus is one of the largest rattlesnake species. Alexander neckam died 1217 was the first to say that not the glare but the air corruption. These eyes have the power to instantly kill anyone who looks into them.

The basilisk latin basiliscus basilisc plural basilisci also basilicok greek. The basilisk can grow up to fifty feet in length and is a dark green colour with large yellow eyes. Basiliscus at wilmington serpentarium in north carolina united states.

The body is moderately stout and rather rectangular in cross section. Despite its cruel nature it still represents power and sometimes. Specimens exceeding 150 cm 4 9 ft are not uncommon while the maximum size reported is 204 5 cm 6 71 ft klauber 1972.

The basilisk sheds its skin at intervals like all other snakes when it grows.

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