Basil Plant Flowering Will It Produce Seeds

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You can eat the huge blossoms but the leaves also have a delicious spicy flavor. If the plant sets flowers it is on its way to going to seed and will not grow bushy and fill out with a lot of tasty leaves.

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If you look closely at the basil flower stems after the petals have fallen off you can identify the seeds beginning to develop.

Basil plant flowering will it produce seeds. They are pretty small. Basil is a member of the mint family lamiaceae with over 40 known varieties. This will prevent another variety from polluting your strain.

Annual plants grow from seeds each spring. Basil plants are pollinated by small flying insects. These flowers are pretty but they are also a sign that the plant is shutting down and going into reproduction mode instead of growth mode which would shoot out the necessary basil leaves for my pesto cravings.

Black seeds are ready to be picked while green seeds are still ripening. Basil is a warm weather fragrant herb that tastes great in many dishes including the beloved homemade pesto. The different varieties will cross pollinate so it is important to isolate a favorite cultivar by at least 150 feet 45 5 m.

Unlike most herbs which flower turn brown and are then ready to harvest the seeds basil can produce ripe seeds right alongside developing seeds. A hallmark of annuals including basil is that they produce only foliage for a short time until they become mature. I have another variety that sends up delicate white flowers.

The flowers are edible too so don t despair if a few plants get ahead of you. Look closely and use a magnifying glass if needed. The seeds are contained in the spent flower head.

Most folks grow it for its aromatic and flavorful foliage redolent of mint and clove with slight peppery notes. For gardeners it is important to note that basil is a warm weather annual plant. Basil thrives in zones 4 10.

Growing basil doesn t have to be just about producing food. They complete their life cycle by flowering and producing seeds before the first frost in fall. If your basil plant has flowered the question of what to do depends on what you are growing the herb for.

Keep harvesting the leaves to keep the plant going strong. Plant seeds or transplants after all danger of frost has passed and soil is warm and it will yield an abundant harvest within weeks. Yes you can take cuttings roots in water in about a week.

Cardinal basil has beautiful red flowers that add color to the herb garden. When to plant basil. Each pod will contain two ripe black seeds.

Some basil plants flower quicker than others and there s great variety in the way the flowers look. Once a basil plant goes to seed the existing leaves begin to lessen in flavor so don t be afraid to cut and use it as soon as possible. If the flowers are pollinated they will produce seeds.

It grows up to 30 inches tall and matures in 60 days. Once basil flowers flavor is greatly reduced and goes to seed its life cycle is complete mother plant dies seeds fall and later sprout. How to plant basil zones.

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