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प प ब रल ठ ल ढ य ङ ब लन क र नल oil is stored in barrels transfer to a wooden barrel or similar container and leave to cool down to a temperature of around 16 degrees celsius. This is the truth that nepal is the second richest country in water resource in the world.

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Japanese words for basin include 流域 盆地 鉢 窪地 凹地 and デプレッション.

Basin meaning in nepali. What does basin mean in filipino. The basin of the bagmati river including the kathmandu valley lies between the much larger gandaki basin to the west and the kosi basin to the east. It originates in tibet as a stream and enters nepal at gyirong town.

Learn nepali november 21 2017 2 comments 1795 learning most useful nepali words. 1000 basic popular most useful nepali words on daily life with english meaning submitted by. ह त ध न ठ उ ब स न प न ढल न थल फ स अथ ज स.

A hollow vessel of various forms and materials used in the arts or manufactures as that used by glass grinders for forming concave glasses by hatters for molding a hat into shape etc. In this big world nepali is identified as one of the smallest countries. The most important river in nepal is koshi the innermost are narayani and the longest is karnali.

Rivers of nepal can be classified into three major categories in accordance with their origins. The quantity contained in a basin. त र श ल नद is one of the major tributaries of the narayani river basin in central nepal.

Basin n round open dish of metal. Most of the rivers in nepal rise from mountains. More meanings for basin.

A hollow vessel or dish to hold water for washing and for various other uses. Basin definition a circular container with a greater width than depth becoming smaller toward the bottom used chiefly to hold water or other liquid especially for washing. The trishuli river nepali.

These adjacent basins extend north of the main himalayan range and cross it in tremendous gorges in fact the arun tributary of the kosi extends far into tibet.

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