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An imaginary reptile said to be able to kill by poison or by looking at someone. Entry 1 of 2 1.

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For out of the serpent s root shall come forth a basilisk and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.

Basilisk meaning in english. In classical legend a serpent that could kill by its breath or glance. A legendary reptile with fatal breath and glance. Basilisk in british english.

The males have an inflatable head crest used in display. A basilisk lizard or jesus lizard runs across water during an experiment this combined pressure allows the basilisk to run on water with a speed of 8 to 10 km an hour often considered to be one of the most spectacular lizard species sometimes called the jesus lizard the green basilisk is a striking addition to any reptile collection. The basilisk appears in the english revised version of the bible in isaiah 14 29 in the prophet s exhortation to the philistines reading rejoice not o philistia all of thee because the rod that smote thee is broken.

An imaginary reptile said to be able to kill by poison or by looking at someone. Basilisk classical mythology a serpent or lizard or dragon able to kill with its breath or glance classical mythology the system of mythology of the greeks and romans together. Family iguanidae iguanas.

Any small arboreal semiaquatic lizard of the genus basiliscus of tropical america. Any of several crested tropical american lizards genus basiliscus of the family iguanidae related to the iguanas and noted for their ability to run on their hind legs. Much of roman mythology especially the gods was borrowed from the greeks.

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