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Sarah wayne callies as lori image. Now that lori is no longer around to cause controversy it s time to put her character to rest with one final question.

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Not only did lori lose her life but it was up to her young son to prevent her transformation into a walker.

Lori s death in the walking dead. I was not nor have i ever been a fan of lori or carl for that matter so at first during the delivery scene i was only grossed out and horrified. Well we know a good chunk of it is in that fat zombie s stomach. T dog dies too video this week s installment of the walking dead shocked fans by killing off not one but two main characters.

Lori is killed during one of the battles between rick and the governor. Amc her death which came in season three episode four may have seemed brutal but it wasn t quite as harrowing as the character s fate. The complete third season dvd blu ray.

She is the late wife of rick grimes and mother of carl and judith grimes. In this week s episode of the walking dead the series many annoying lori critics received a shocking surprise. Believing rick to be dead she joined shane walsh in traveling to atlanta and counted on him to keep her and carl safe during which she began a sexual relationship with him.

Lori grimes née unknown is the former tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in amc s the walking dead. The character played by sarah wayne callies served as a prominent figure up to that point of the popular amc series. According to series star sarah wayne callies lori didn t get the chance to.

The governor has rallied his citizens to fight our group who is currently living in the prison. Did lori ever redeem herself. 1 overview 2 pre apocalypse 2 1.

How does lori die in the walking dead comic series. Lori grimes died during childbirth in the walking dead season 3 but the events following her death were even more tragic. At this point in the story lori has successfully given birth to judith grimes.

Of course this is not exactly proof that zombie lori is out there wandering around somewhere but it s sure likely to reignite speculation. If you have not seen season 3 episode 4 of amc s the walking dead titled killer within proceed with caution. And in which episode appears.

But then they had to go and do the flashback and have that completely heart wrenching scene with andrew that made me want to curl in a ball on the floor and never get up.

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